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Onto the more serious stuff!!
It's a simple question with a complicated answer: How safe is your dive operator? The answer basically comes down to three issues: Do they have the right equipment? Do they have the right people? And do they have plans for minimizing danger and dealing with problems when they occur!!

To that end, we, at Aqua Ventures ensure that our dive boats are equipped with safety items such as Medical Oxygen, Basic First Aid kit, spares and a tool kit, and a telephone to call for assistance if required!

At Aqua Ventures we understand that not everyone can afford to buy or, justify the expense of owning a full set of diving equipment. That doesn't mean you can't dive, though. With our select range of high quality rental equipment available for hire we are able to get you diving!. The equipment is mainly brands such as Aqualung Mares and Scubapro and we attempt to replace our equipment every few years and regularly maintain the items we hire out

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